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Here at Healthy Happy Kidz, we’re ready to support you with your Holiday Activities and Food (HAF) programme. We can help by delivering an amazing experience, adding value and reducing your costs to operate the programme across most of the UK.

We have identified that “School Partnerships are the key to increasing the number of spaces available at each of our venues, our team are experienced in building relationships with key stake holders within schools, and developing working relationships with practitioners/liaison officers and the emergency services. 


Our experienced management team can help Local Authorities deliver all aspects of the HAF programme, with the advantage we have already completed it before, with demonstrated success in Summer and Christmas 2021.

We actively encourage an allotted time for family activities”/enrichment activities” as part of our HAF programme to ensure the whole family can attend our inclusive provision. 


Online Booking Service

We are big believers in providing a personable booking service for families wishing to book on to our HAF programme. Our experienced team are to here to make the process suit everyone, whether it’s via email, text messages or phone bookings we can support those accessing our simple to use online bookings platform.

Our Booking System has the ability to collate information such as; Gender, Age, Location, School attended, No of days attended across the programme, SEND requirements, food requirements/ allergies etc. 


We also have the facility to use data mapping to target heavily populated areas with high numbers of eligible families who receive “Benefit related FREE school meals”

Support in co-ordination and delivery of activities

From the start of the project, we recruit venues and form partnerships with nearby schools, which allows us to promote the HAF programme making the recruitment of eligible children a straightforward process. Before any sessions commence, we’ll also be there to conduct risk assessments to ensure all venues are safe. When activities commence, rest assured that our high quality, safe activities bring fun for every child, along with a hot meal each day.


Delivering HAF in 2022

This coming Easter and Summer, we are excited to be able to bring more venues to fruition, working alongside an increased amount of Local Authorities to bring the HAF programme to communities in their area.